Ever wanted to play detective? Here’s your chance.

Secrets and Lies: Australia’s first interactive thriller

Out on his morning run, Ben Gunderlach stumbles across the dead body of his 4-year-old neighbour Thom and quickly becomes the prime murder suspect. As his world begins to fall apart, Ben tries to find the real killer - a journey that will uncover the disturbing secrets and lies of a seemingly ordinary neighbourhood.

You too can find the killer – and armed with far more clues than Ben Gunderlach is following. This DVD contains a huge amount of extra content designed to give you all the information required to catch the murderer - every piece of evidence and each tantalising clue – even more than the police investigators have at their disposal.

Never before has the viewer been equipped with so many resources to solve a murder mystery.

Go to Bonus Content. It’s time to put you at the forefront of the investigation.